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Great Families– God Style


“Connections: When you’re living with strangers!”


Family Connection Test: (True or False)


I can tell you what dreams, fears, joys, and stresses of my family members are.


I feel loved and valued by the members of my family.


We have frequent times of interaction, fun, and sharing.


There are no “elephants in the room” in our family.


A word that describes our family is “close”.


How do we restore Connection?


1. Create protected times to connect.


Just because we’re in the same place at the same time,

it doesn’t mean we’re on the same page!



2. Stop, Look, and Listen


STOP thinking only about yourself.

LOOK for changes in their mood or behaviors.

LISTEN for openings into their heart.


Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an

Interest in others, too.      Philippians 2:4 (NLT)



3. Let them in.


Connection is not just about reaching out, it’s also about OPENING UP!


Then Jesus went with them to the olive grove called Gethsemane, and he said, “Sit here while I go over there to pray.” He took Peter and Zebedee’s two sons, James and John, and he became anguished and distressed. HE told them, “My soul is crushed with grief to the point of death. Stay here and keep watch with me.”                Matthew 26:36-38 (NLT)



4. Clean up the scar tissue.


An offended friend is harder to win back than a fortified city. Arguments separate friends like a gate locked with bars.– Proverbs 18:19 (NLT)


You’ll never get them to open their arms if they’re trying to protect their heart!!!