Tillman Road Church of God

Fort Wayne, IN

Called By God To Be A Multicultural Church

 Reaching... Loving... Caring... in Jesus' Name

The Tillman Road Church of God is located on the south side of Fort Wayne, Indiana at 3710 E. Tillman Road between Hessen Cassel & Wayne Trace Roads. (See “Location”) We have full off-street parking. Our parking lot and building are totally handicap accessible. We seek to minister to the whole surrounding neighborhood with a variety of children, youth, adult, women, men, and family ministries.


While there are several church groups who use the Biblical name “Church of God”, we are voluntarily associated with the Church of God whose ministry headquarters are in Anderson, Indiana. The major thrust of the Church of God historically has been to work for unity between all believers. Our name comes from the Word of God and we consider the Bible to be our only creed and doctrinal statement.

Pastor Chuck and Jeanne Drake

Interim Pastor until further notice.

      Pastor Charles Drake, has been in the ministry since 1973. He has served in three churches; Michigan City, Southlake (Hobart) and The New Hope Church of God in South Haven (Valparaiso).

             He has been married to Jeanne Melton Drake, for the past 51 years. They have three children, seven grandchildren, and two great-granddaughters.

             After 24 years as a Senior Pastor in Valparaiso, they retired and moved to Decatur, IN. to be close to his daughter and her family. KC and Diana, are the Youth Ministers at the Decatur Church of God.

             February of this year, Pastor Drake accepted the position as Interim Pastor of the Tillman Road Church. He feels God has called him here to help the church in Spiritual Growth, and unity while preparing them for their next Pastor. He is looking forward to developing New Relationships and helping strengthen the Body of Christ, here at Tillman Road.


Call to Be a Multicultural Church

The Bible reveals to us in John 3:16 that “God loves the whole world…” God’s heart goes out to all people regardless of their race, social status, education, nationality, or whatever man-made distinctions we may use to separate us. For that reason our Church’s motto is:


Called By God To Be A Multicultural Church

Reaching... Loving... Caring... in Jesus’ Name


We seek with the help of the Holy Spirit to be “Christ” in living person to our neighborhood and community here on the SE side of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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